Rapunzel: movie course


Tired of learning German with a course-book? Want to watch a movie instead? Don’t procrastinate! Learn while watching!

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Tired of learning German using a textbook? Try learning it with a movie instead! The cartoon “Rapunzel” is ideal for learning German, as the characters’ speech is clear, correct and, moreover, it is filled with many interesting words and expressions.

What does the course consist of?

  • access to the cartoon with German subtitles.
  • full script.
  • vocabulary.
  • Quizlet cards.
  • listening comprehension and speaking tasks.


What’s included?

  • access to the cartoon with German subtitles.
  • full text.
  • vocabulary analysis.
  • Quizlet cards.
  • listening comprehension and speaking tasks.

For which level is the course?

  • The course is intended for levels A2-B2.

How does the course function?

  • The course is divided into 1 lesson per day.
  • Every lesson consists of the following:
    • Watching an excerpt from the film.
    • Analyzing the text from the passage.
    • Learning new vocabulary.
    • Working with Quizlet cards.
    • Listening comprehension exercise (filling in the blanks).
    • Vocabulary test.
    • Speaking / writing exercise.