A better way of learning German

Tired of learning German using textbooks? Then try out this cartoon course! Spongebob in German will not only improve your language level but also your mood!

Improve your listening comprehension with

"SpongeBob Schwammkopf"

We used a short excerpt from the full-length cartoon and prepared a workbook, subtitles, a full-fledged dictionary with German vocabulary explanations for you.
You will be able to independently solve all the tasks and check yourself by the keys at the end of the notebook

For whom?

  • For everyone who wants to improve their German without using boring textbooks
  • For those at level A2 and above
  • For children, students and adults
  • For those who are tired
    of cramming and want to learn for fun 🙂

Watch an excerpt from the cartoon

What's inside the pack?

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The adventures of SpongeBob await you!

Worauf wartest du denn noch?

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  4. Nominative, Accusative, Dative or Genitive?
  5. Intensive Trainer: German Cases
  6. 137 German Prepositions – Free
  7. Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions – Free
  8. Exercises: Level A1-A2 – Free
  9. Exercises: Level B1-B2 – Free
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