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Dive deep into German grammar with this bundle. It requires dedication, but with this unique approach, you’ll come out with a solid grasp of German grammar rules.

Perfect for beginners! This course requires practice, but with Natalia’s¬†proven strategies, it will give you a solid foundation in German grammar and vocabulary.

The B1 Intensive Course Program is an 8-week course that will take your German to the next level. In these 2 months, you will finally make the leap from A-level to B-level.

Achieve fluent and confident German speaking with my unique learning approach in just 60 days. Explore 12 modules for seamless communication, advanced vocabulary, elevated grammar skills, and modern digital exercises, all with access to authentic materials.

Take your German skills to the next level with the B2.2 Advanced Intensive Course, a seamless continuation of B2.1. Achieve confident and fluent communication in just 60 days, with modern digital exercises, advanced vocabulary, elevated grammar skills, and authentic materials at your fingertips.

Individual items

Get familiar with German slang and sound like a native speaker! It’s a fun read, but with my insights, it will also expand your vocabulary in an exciting way.

Master the use of der, die, das and more! It’s a tricky topic, but with my clear explanations, this eBook will make German articles much easier to understand.

This reference book simplifies German grammar, making it much easier than you think! With over 120 lessons, it provides simple, compact explanations from a student’s perspective, using the 95% method. It’s a comprehensive guide, but it will make German grammar accessible and understandable for everyone.

This eBook is the perfect companion to “German Grammar Explained Easily”. It includes exercises for each topic, allowing you to not only understand the newly learned grammar but also use it. It requires practice, but it will solidify your understanding of German grammar and help you apply it in real-life situations.

This eBook provides all the important information about German prepositions at a glance. It includes examples to help you understand their individual meanings and hints to avoid typical mistakes. It’s a challenging topic, but this guide will help you understand and correctly use German prepositions.¬†

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Have you considered upgrading to our Grammar Package?

10 Ebooks + More than 100 German Grammar Units

  1. EasyDeutsch – German Grammar Explained Easily
  2. DaF Grammar Trainer – 300+ Exercises A1-B2
  3. 40+ German Grammar Lists
  4. Nominative, Accusative, Dative or Genitive?
  5. Intensive Trainer: German Cases
  6. 137 German Prepositions –¬†Free
  7. Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions –¬†Free
  8. Exercises: Level A1-A2 –¬†Free
  9. Exercises: Level B1-B2 –¬†Free
  10. German Connectors – Conjunctions, Subjunctions, Conjunctional Adverbs¬†–¬†Free
  11. Bonus X:¬†100+ Grammar Units – Video, PDF, Exercises –¬†Perfect for Self Study

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