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Walking through the streets of Vienna or Berlin with confidence, effortlessly conversing with local residents.

Securing the global job role you've always aspired to.

Watching and comprehending German films and television series without relying on subtitles.


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- Access a range of free German learning tools & materials.
- Ideal for beginners: guides, exercises, and introductory content.


- Comprehensive courses covering levels A1 to B2.
- Structured learning with video lessons, interactive exercises, and practical tasks.
- Designed for progressive skill building in German.
- Suitable for complete beginners and intermediate learners seeking improvement.


- A wide collection of German E-Books for various learning needs.
- Detailed grammar guides and vocabulary-focused materials.
- Ideal for self-study, allowing flexible learning pace.
- Complements courses or serves as effective standalone study tools. - Insights into German language nuances and cultural aspects.

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Hallo! Mein Name ist Leo.

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, I am 22 years old and a dedicated German teacher. I have been teaching the German language for more than five years now.

Guiding my followers, who now number over 300,000, on their language learning journey brings me immense joy and satisfaction. Seeing them progress and succeed is what motivates me every day. My approach to teaching is centered around making German accessible and engaging for everyone.


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  4. Nominative, Accusative, Dative or Genitive?
  5. Intensive Trainer: German Cases
  6. 137 German Prepositions – Free
  7. Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions – Free
  8. Exercises: Level A1-A2 – Free
  9. Exercises: Level B1-B2 – Free
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