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Slangtastisches Deutsch

Struggling to keep up with native German speakers? This is your solution. This eBook, packed with modern slang from social media and music, bridges the gap between textbook German and the language as it's truly spoken. Learn, understand, and use German slang with ease.


20 Most Important Verbs & Their Prepositions

This free guide is a valuable resource, specially curated for learners of all levels, focusing on the most crucial verbs and their prepositions, pivotal for daily German communication.

Declension of Adjectives

This freebie is indispensable for learners seeking to understand and master the nuances of adjective usage in German. It offers a comprehensive breakdown of adjective declensions in various contexts.

A1 Checklist

Embark on your German learning adventure with confidence using my comprehensive A1 Checklist Topics. This essential guide is tailored for beginners, encompassing all key grammatical and lexical topics necessary to master the A1 level of the German language.

Prepositions of Time

Embark on a smoother journey in learning German with my specially designed cheat sheet, focused on the essential prepositions of time. This tool is a gift from me to you, aimed at making your German language learning experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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  5. Intensive Trainer: German Cases
  6. 137 German Prepositions – Free
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