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Tired of Feeling Lost in German Grammar?

Say goodbye to the confusion and frustration of not understanding the rules that tie the German language together.

Perfect for self-learners

or as a valuable resource for teachers, this pack allows you to give back to your students or yourself. Transform your German language journey from daunting to delightful.

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Elevate Your German Grammar with this Exclusive Bundle from EasyDeutsch !

“As an avid German language learner and teacher, I know how daunting German grammar can be. I’ve been in your shoes. That’s when I discovered Jan Richter’s ebooks. Jan has used his years of teaching and learning to compile the essential grammar lessons into a set of ebooks that truly simplify the learning journey.

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Here are the key highlights of the pack

  • Enhance your grammar skills with over 2000 pages of exercises, covering everything from basic to advanced structures.
  • Dive deep into German cases with targeted exercises from levels A1 to B2, including a step-by-step guide to mastering nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive cases.
  • Access essential memorization lists, organized by proficiency levels (A1 to C2), complete with color markings and additional information for a comprehensive overview.
  • Understand and apply German connectors (conjunctions, subjunctions, conjunctive adverbs) with exercises designed to clarify sentence structure and usage.
  • Master German prepositions with over 120 pages of exercises, including a summary of all crucial preposition information at a glance.
  • Apply newly learned grammar in practice with targeted exercises paired with explanatory solutions, ensuring your ability to use German grammar confidently in real-world situations.

"every grammar subject covered" - Alex R.

Imagine the joy and satisfaction of finally cracking the code to German grammar.

With 10 comprehensive eBooks covering every imaginable topic and over 100+ grammar units, including video lessons, PDFs, and exercises, you’ll not only learn but enjoy the process.

These are not just ebooks

Unlike online courses that may disappear, leaving you without access, our eBooks are yours to keep on your personal drive, forever accessible. Coupled with video lessons hosted on YouTube, this bundle remains an invaluable resource as long as Jan is here and YouTube is up and running.

1. German Grammar Explained Easily

Reference book on German grammar

Over 120 lessons! Simple, compact explanations that everyone can understand.

This is a guide book about German grammar. It explains everything in a way a student can understand, and uses a special 95% trick. This trick helps you really get German grammar and shows you that it’s not as hard as you might think! You just need to learn it with this 95% trick!

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2. DAF Grammar Trainer - 300+ Exercises

You want to not only understand the newly learned grammar but also use it?

Over 300 exercises!

Do you wish to not just know the new German rules you learned, but also use them? This online book is a great activity book for “German Grammar Explained Easily”. For each subject, you will find matching activities and answers that explain things.

3. 40+ Grammar Lists

Everything that you just have to memorize, in one place.

This is just the kind of lists that students and teachers always want.

Totally complete and easy to understand!

All the lists are marked with different colors, Awesome big pictures, Lists have all the extra details you need to know, Lists are organized from level A1 to C2.

4. German Cases? - No Problem!

Understand the cases and use them correctly!

The German cases have an EASY system, if only someone explains it well.

Learn about the cases and use them the right way! Easy-to-follow guides on the nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive. Lists of prepositions and their cases, along with lots of practice activities.

5. Intensive Trainer - German Cases

Practice the German cases!

This book has over 70 pages of practice stuff for German language rules

from beginner (A1) to upper-intermediate level (B2)!

It’s great to use with the “German Cases? – No problem!” online book!

Answers are included You can use it in school and it’s also good if you want to learn by yourself.

6. 137 German Prepositions

ALL key details about German prepositions are all in one place!

Learn about German prepositions that show where or when things happen, and use them right!

Examples help you understand what each one means. Tips on how to use them help you not make common mistakes from the beginning!

With the practice activities, you can immediately check and use what you learned!

7. Intensive Trainer - German Prepositions

This is the best partner for the book/online book: “137 German prepositions.”

It has over 120 pages full of different and enjoyable activities about all German prepositions.

Activities about prepositions that can change Activities about all prepositions Over 120 pages Activities for both new learners and those who already know a lot.

8. Grammar Exercises Level A1 + A2

Use German grammar correctly.

Practice German rules with more than 250 pages of exciting activities!

Over 250 pages of activities and practice sheets. It comes with answers that have notes to explain them.

9. Grammar Exercises Level B1 + B2

Use German grammar correctly.

Practice German rules with more than 200 pages of exciting activities!

Over 200 pages of activities and practice sheets. It comes with answers that have notes to explain them.

10. German Connectors

Learn and use the right German linking words (like conjunctions, subjunctions, and conjunctional adverbs).

I have a guide to help you and your students learn these linking words

and use them right with a lot of activities. It tells you about how sentences are built and where to put commas.

These lists and lots of examples will always help you to pick the right linking word!

Are You Tired of the Same Old Struggles with German Grammar?

Forget about the frustration of complex rules and the fear of making mistakes. With this pack, you’ll overcome these hurdles effortlessly.

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got the ebooks in 2023

Continuous Learning

All future updates are free of charge.

Comprehensive Learning

Every exercise comes with solutions, ideal for self-learners or as a classroom complement.

Wer Jan’s Bücher kauft weiß ,dass er ein tolles Buch und verständliches Werkzeug zur Hand hat. Dazu kommt dass mit dem genialen QR Codes, hat man einer direkten Verbindung mit den YouTube Videos wo er persönlich die Grammatik mit Hilfe dieses Buches erklärt. Wie toll ist das denn?

Dave, Reviewed in Germany on 22 April 2021

Tolles Buch für Deutschlerner. Sehr einfach erklärt und praktisch zu üben. Konnektoren aller Art – Konjunktionen, Subjunktionen, Konjunktionaladverbien. Ich bin ganz zufrieden mit dem Kauf. Sehr große Hilfe beim Deutsch lernen. Ich nochmals die Bücher von Jan meinen Mitschüler empfehlen.

Giovanni, Reviewed in Germany on 18 April 2021

Das Buch ist wirklich eine große Hilfe zum Verständnis beim lernen und verstehen der Konjunktionen, Subjunktionen und Konjunktionaladverbien. Durch praktische Übungen und Erklärungen kommt man mit diesem Buch seinem Ziel, dem Beherrschen der Sprache, sicher näher.

Aljona, Reviewed in Germany on 19 September 2021

Dieses Buch ist einfach super! Zu jeder Präpositionen wird das Basiswissen kurz erklärt und dann folgen Übungen oder Beispiele. Was ich auch großartig finde, ist, dass ab Seite 53 (Präpositionen nach Level A1-C2) es Synonyme für fast alle Präpositionen gibt. Allerdings gibt es leider keinen Lösungsschlüssel im Buch. Ich habe sie in einem Kommentar des Autors gefunden. Ein Link im Buch zu den Lösungen wäre besser gewesen. Ergänzend dazu ist die minderwertige Buchumschlagsquälität. Sie sollte, gemessen am Preis, besser sein! Inhaltlich gebe ich 5 Sterne, für die fehlenden Lösungen und minderwertige Umschlagsqualität gibt es einen Stern Abzug.

Rosy, Reviewed in Germany on 12 February 2020

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Me and Jan are so confident in the value of this bundle that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Have you considered upgrading to our Full Package?

 Grammar + Vocabulary

This exclusive bundle not only enhances your grammar skills but also expands your vocabulary across all levels from A1 to B1. With the vocabulary pack, you’ll receive 6 additional eBooks, each designed to teach German through real-life situations.

You will get all 16 EasyDeutsch eBooks, as well as 100 Bonuslections and access to interactive online courses.

Have you considered upgrading to our Grammar Package?

10 Ebooks + More than 100 German Grammar Units

  1. EasyDeutsch – German Grammar Explained Easily
  2. DaF Grammar Trainer – 300+ Exercises A1-B2
  3. 40+ German Grammar Lists
  4. Nominative, Accusative, Dative or Genitive?
  5. Intensive Trainer: German Cases
  6. 137 German Prepositions – Free
  7. Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions – Free
  8. Exercises: Level A1-A2 – Free
  9. Exercises: Level B1-B2 – Free
  10. German Connectors – Conjunctions, Subjunctions, Conjunctional Adverbs – Free
  11. Bonus X: 100+ Grammar Units – Video, PDF, Exercises – Perfect for Self Study

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