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While I specialize in teaching German, creating my own e-books isn't my focus.

Instead, I’ve chosen to recommend Jan Richter’s book series. Why? Because these e-books align perfectly with my educational approach – making German accessible and understandable. Jan Richter excels in simplifying German grammar, focusing on the most important rules without getting lost in complexities. His e-books are an invaluable resource for any German learner, from beginners to advanced students. So, while you won’t find e-books written by me, you’ll have access to what I consider the best German learning tools available – Jan Richter’s insightful, clear, and effective Easy-Deutsch series.

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If you're unsure, start with one of these:

Grammar Books

German Grammar Explained Easily

Jan's reference book on German grammar breaks down the complexities with the 95% method, offering over 120 lessons of simple, student-focused explanations. This approach proves that German grammar is easier than you think, making it accessible to everyone.

DaF - Grammar Trainer

You want to not only understand the newly learned grammar but also use it? This ebook is the perfect workbook for "German grammar explained easily" - For each topic you will find the appropriate exercises including explanatory solutions.

137 German Prepositions

This guide condenses crucial information about all German prepositions for quick, at-a-glance understanding. It's filled with examples to clarify their meanings, and practical tips to prevent common errors. Plus, with included exercises, you can immediately practice and reinforce what you've learned.

Intensive Trainer - German Prepositions

Complement Jan's eBook with "137 German Prepositions," offering over 120 pages of varied and enjoyable exercises on all German prepositions. This extensive collection includes exercises on alternating prepositions and is designed to cater to both beginners and advanced learners, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of this key aspect of German grammar.

German Connectors

Get to grips with German connectors, including conjunctions, subjunctions, and conjunctional adverbs, through Jan's intuitive guide. It simplifies sentence structure and comma rules with dozens of practical exercises. The lists, complemented by numerous examples, ensure you always pair each connector correctly, enhancing your German proficiency.

40+ Grammar lists

Discover the ultimate collection of German lists, tailored for students and teachers alike. This resource offers complete and clear overviews, featuring color markings for easy navigation and all relevant additional info, meticulously sorted by proficiency levels from A1 to C2.

German Cases? - No Problem!

Jan's guide demystifies the German cases - nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive - with clear, step-by-step instructions. The guide includes comprehensive lists of prepositions and extensive exercises, proving that German cases follow a SIMPLE system when explained correctly.

Intensive Trainer - German Cases

Dive into practicing German cases with Jan's extensive exercise eBook, featuring over 70 pages of exercises ranging from level A1 to B2. This eBook is an ideal companion to "German Cases? - No problem!" and includes solutions, making it perfect for both classroom learning and self-study. Elevate your understanding and usage of German cases with this comprehensive practice tool.

German Grammar exercises (Level A1 + A2)

Dive into over 250 pages of engaging German grammar exercises in Jan's comprehensive workbook. This vast collection of worksheets is designed to make grammar practice fun and effective, complete with commented solutions for every exercise.

German Grammar exercises (Level B1 + B2)

Enhance your mastery of German grammar with Jan's extensive collection of over 200 pages of enjoyable exercises. Each exercise is designed to reinforce your understanding, accompanied by solutions with detailed commentary for effective learning.

Vocabulary Books

Fred from America 1

Level A1.1

Real situations and real people. Meet Fred, Claudia and their family! Fred is just moving to Germany, has to learn German and survive everyday life in Germany.

Fred from America 2

Level A1.2

Find out how Fred has to adapt to the new culture and some "funny" things in Germany. Learn German with Fred and Claudia and find out if Fred really feels comfortable in Germany!

Fred from America 3

Level A2.1

Fred, Claudia and Leo are on vacation! However, they have a few problems along the way!

Learn German with Fred and Claudia and find out if the vacation will be a success in the end.

Fred from America 4

Level A2.2

Fred, Claudia and Leo go to the funfair and often have a fight!

Learn German with Fred and Claudia and find out how Fred likes it at the fair and whether they make up in the end.


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Wer Jan’s Bücher kauft weiß ,dass er ein tolles Buch und verständliches Werkzeug zur Hand hat. Dazu kommt dass mit dem genialen QR Codes, hat man einer direkten Verbindung mit den You Tube Videos wo er persönlich die Grammatik mit Hilfe dieses Buches erklärt. Wie toll ist das denn?
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Tolles Buch für Deutschlerner. Sehr einfach erklärt und praktisch zu üben. Konnektoren aller Art – Konjunktionen, Subjunktionen, Konjunktionaladverbien. Ich bin ganz zufrieden mit dem Kauf. Sehr große Hilfe beim Deutsch lernen. Ich nochmals die Bücher von Jan meinen Mitschüler empfehlen.
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Das Buch ist wirklich eine große Hilfe zum Verständnis beim lernen und verstehen der Konjunktionen, Subjunktionen und Konjunktionaladverbien. Durch praktische Übungen und Erklärungen kommt man mit diesem Buch seinem Ziel, dem Beherrschen der Sprache, sicher näher.
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Dieses Buch ist einfach super! Zu jeder Präpositionen wird das Basiswissen kurz erklärt und dann folgen Übungen oder Beispiele. Was ich auch großartig finde, ist, dass ab Seite 53 (Präpositionen nach Level A1-C2) es Synonyme für fast alle Präpositionen gibt. Allerdings gibt es leider keinen Lösungsschlüssel im Buch. Ich habe sie in einem Kommentar des Autors gefunden. Ein Link im Buch zu den Lösungen wäre besser gewesen. Ergänzend dazu ist die minderwertige Buchumschlagsquälität. Sie sollte, gemessen am Preis, besser sein! Inhaltlich gebe ich 5 Sterne, für die fehlenden Lösungen und minderwertige Umschlagsqualität gibt es einen Stern Abzug.

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  5. Intensive Trainer: German Cases
  6. 137 German Prepositions – Free
  7. Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions – Free
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