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The Method?

Interaktiv-Kommunikatives Lernen (IKL)

– Active learning through alternating tasks

– Communicate confidently by training all skills: Speaking, writing, reading and listening

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At the end of the course you will be able to...

1. Speaking

Communicate in simple, everyday situations, such as introducing oneself, ordering food and drinks, and asking for directions.

2. Grammar

The main grammar rules, including articles, singular and plural nouns, adjectives, and conjugation of verbs.

3. Sentence structure

form simple sentences and ask and answer simple questions related to everyday life.

4. Vocabulary

Understand and use basic words and expressions related to familiar topics such as family, home, work, and daily activities.

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About Natalia...

Hey, I'm your German teacher, Natalia!

Teaching is my passion! GERMAN can be taught easily, entertainingly and in a clear way. I love doing that every day on different channels.

Hundreds of thousands of students learn German with me on Instagram and YouTube and thousands have already benefited from my online courses.

I focus from day one on making sure my students sound authentic, develop a large vocabulary, and use the language flawlessly from the start.

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All videos and all texts are in German, text translations are available in English.

Yes, this is a self-study course. You get access to all materials for 3 months and can work on everything step by step.

There are no live lessons. You don’t have to wait for the teacher to get to the point, and you certainly don’t have to wait for a classmate to stop demanding the teacher’s attention. My team and I are always available and ready to answer your questions in writing. You get access to all materials for 3 months and can work through everything step by step.

Yes, you have to pass a test at the end of the course.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation.

You should study at least twice a week, depending on how quickly you learn, you may need 3 to 5 hours a week. You can also study a little every day, it’s up to you.

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