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B2 professional intensive course for advanced learners!

Become a real German professional: Speak German confidently and fluently!

  • 60-Day Transformation
  • 12 Modules for Mastery
  • Modern Digital Tasks
  • Expand Your Vocabulary
  • Deepen Your Grammar Knowledge
  • Learn with Authentic Materials

Course principle?

Supervised self-learning

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Unique course content

  • 60 Tage Intensivtraining
  • 12 modules in 2 months
  • Test your knowledge after each lesson
  • Vocabulary sets on every topic
  • Learning in real situations


  • Corrections of written work on the platform
  • Additional grammar training: video explanations + exercises

Exclusive Telegram group

  • Daily communication with Natalia and her team
  • Direct feedback on all questions
  • Exchange with other students

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Here's what the Course offers...

12 interactive modules

Course book with an integrated workbook

Audio exercises and video explanations

Speech training

Vocabulary Sets

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Lektion 5: Kommunikation im Arbeitsalltag

Modul 1: Arbeiten und Kommunikation im Team

Grammatik: Konjunktiv II

Modul 2: Kundenorientierte Kommunikation

Grammatik: Verben mit Präpositionen

Modul 3: Konflikte und Konfliktlösestrategien im Arbeitsalltag

Grammatik: modale und finale Zusammenhänge

Wortschatz & Redemittel

Teste dein Wissen

Lektion 6: Im Netz unterwegs

Modul 1: Grenzenlose Welten: Wenn Realität und Fiktion verschwimmen

Grammatik: Temporale Präpositionen

Modul 2: Mediengebrauch im Arbeitsalltag

Grammatik: Konjunktiv I

Grammatik: Das Modalverb “sollen”

Modul 3: Online kommunizieren – Umgangssprache, Regeln und Gesetze

Wortschatz & Redemittel

Teste dein Wissen

Lektion 7: Lebensqualität - Lifestyle, Freizeit und Beziehungen

Modul 1: Machen Kleider wirklich Leute?

Grammatik: Adjektivbildung (Partizip I & Partizip II)

Modul 2: Freizeitgestaltung: Mehr Entspannung, weniger Stress

Grammatik: Verweiswörter

Grammatik: Modalpartikeln

Modul 3: Zusammen, miteinander, gemeinsam

Grammatik: Indefintipronomen

Wortschatz & Redemittel

Teste dein Wissen

Lektion 8: Top Aktuell​

Modul 1: Die Zukunft neu erfinden: Ein inspirierender Blick in die Welt von morgen

Grammatik: kausale und konzessive Konnektoren + Präpositionen

Grammatik: Futur I

Modul 2: Grenzenlose Freiheit: Wie „digitale Nomaden” die Arbeitswelt revolutionieren

Grammatik: zweiteilige Konnektoren

Modul 3: Der Verlust des urbanen Lebens: Wie das Aussterben der Innenstädte unsere Gesellschaft prägt

Grammatik: Wortbildung: Nomen

Wortschatz & Redemittel

Teste dein Wissen

Letzter Schritt - Test

About Natalia...

Hey, I'm your German teacher, Natalia!

Teaching is my passion! GERMAN can be taught easily, entertainingly and in a clear way. I love doing that every day on different channels.

Hundreds of thousands of students learn German with me on Instagram and YouTube and thousands have already benefited from my online courses.

I focus from day one on making sure my students sound authentic, develop a large vocabulary, and use the language flawlessly from the start.

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You need at least a good B2.1 level. All videos and all texts are in German.

Yes, this is a self-study course. You get access to all materials for 3 months and can work on everything step by step.

There are no live lessons. You don’t have to wait for the teacher to get to the point, and you certainly don’t have to wait for a classmate to stop demanding the teacher’s attention. My team and I are always available and ready to answer your questions in writing. You get access to all materials for 3 months and can work through everything step by step.

Yes, you have to pass a test at the end of the course.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation.

You should study at least twice a week, depending on how quickly you learn, you may need 3 to 5 hours a week. You can also study a little every day, it’s up to you.

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